Elon Musk lives in a comfortable modern house that costs only 50k $

On November 1, 2021, American entreprenuer Elon Musk became the first person ever, whose fortune raeched $300B. That is more than the economy of some countries. But he lives like a true ascetic.

The fact is that the man lives in a simple $50,000 house. The prefabricated house with an area of only 35 sq m was created by the young company Boxabl from Las Vegas.

Boxabl homes are considered a revolution in construction. This American firm wants to increase the affordability of housing for the poorer segments of the population.

This, according to Boxabl, will help solve the problem of homelessness in the country and, in the long term, even in the world. Pre-orders are estimated at one billion dollars, and there are about 47 thousand people in line for such houses. They are attracted by the fact that affordability does not reduce quality.

The company explains, «Boxabl houses are more durable and energy-saving than ordinary homes.

They are built using a new construction method that makes them resistant to fire, flooding, rotting, pests, high winds and more.»

Ilon Musk’s house is ready-made, in fact, it is a studio apartment with all the equipment needed for one person. Ilon believes it is one of the most comfortable places he has lived in. He has no plans to move anywhere in the foreseeable future.