What the great Steven Seagle’s four daughters look like

Many people are aware that Steven Seagal, the director, producer, actor, and singer, became a Russian citizen three years ago after receiving a sought, official piece of paper. In a nutshell, Seagle’s acting career began when he was 36 years old, with his first role in the film «Above the Law.»

People were also fascinated by gorgeous Stephen’s personal life, which was, by the way, a tumultuous one. The actress is now 67 years old and the mother of seven children, four of them are daughters. Let’s have a look at how they seem today.

Fujitani, Ayako
The girl is Seagle’s eldest daughter and is the result of her first marriage. Ayako is 40 years old and works in the film business, however she has been on maternity leave for the past couple of years and is caring for her daughter.

Annalize Segal Little is known about Seagal’s third wife’s kid, as she is not a media celebrity and dislikes the spotlight. We only know her age and that her mother is the well-known model Kelly Lebrock.

Annalize Segal Because she is not a media personality and prefers being in the spotlight, nothing is known about Seagal’s third wife’s child. Her age and the fact that her mother is the well-known model Kelly Lebrock are all we know about her.

Swann Segal is a well-known actor. Stephen’s youngest daughter is the result of a connection with the nanny who looks after his children. Of course, the previous marriage ended as a result of this, but the connection with the nanny was short-lived. Savannah lives with her mother and has shown to be a bright and clever young lady.