The world’s strongest boy. He is currently 24 years old

Richard Sandrak, who immigrated to the United States from Ukraine 15 years ago, was dubbed the world’s strongest child.

Richard began intensive exercising when he was a young child. He could bench-press more than 30 pounds at the age of eight! He lifted 53 pounds at the age of 11!

He’s now 24 years old, and it’s difficult to describe him as a jock.

He was frequently invited to competitions, TV events, advertisements, publications, and even movies when he was given the nickname «Little Hercules.» That is why Richard’s family relocated to California, so that their son may reach his full potential.

The boy’s father, a former world champion in martial arts, kept an eye on his training, eating, and routine. The guy was frequently chastised for assaulting his son and putting him under a lot of stress.

When Richard was 11 years old, his father abused his mother, he phoned the cops. The man was arrested and charged with domestic violence.

The youngster had ceased speaking with his father and had forgotten who he was. He continued to practice for a while, but it grew less and less.

«I am quite proud of my achievements as a youngster, I am not embarrassed of them, and I do not attempt to hide this chapter of my life from anyone,» Richard says at the time. «I really don’t want to live like that anymore,» he says. «They sought to portray me as some sort of natural abomination».

Richard continues to workout, but not as obsessively as before. He goes for a run every morning and enjoys skating. He works as a stuntman for the Los Angeles show «Waterworld,» where he gets set on fire at least five times a day and then must dive into the water from a tremendous height.

When asked what he wanted to be when he grew up, his response was unexpected: «A scientist practicing quantum physics… or an engineer at NASA, why not?»